Our Goal is to Help the Training Community Train the World

For over 30 years, Latitude’s professionals have helped organizations large and small use technology to drive partner performance. Our clients range from training firms and middle-market companies to Fortune 1000 enterprises and leading non-profit organizations.

Clients rely on our software and consulting to help them optimize channel performance and improve the effectiveness of their training and certification programs.

In 2005 Latitude Learning was formed when the Latitude Consulting Group, Inc. acquired Novations Learning Technologies.  Since 1995, Novations Learning Technologies had been providing robust e-learning and learning management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.  At the time the Ready Solutions LMS was sold only as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software to large Fortune 1000 companies.

In late 2008, after significantly enhancing the LMS, Latitude rechristened the Ready Solutions LMS as the LatitudeLearning.com Open-Source LMS.  Latitude then launched LatitudeLearning.com, an on-demand version of the LatitudeLearning.com Open-Source LMS, to a select group of clients.

In 2009, in order to better serve the training community, Latitude began offering Latitude Learning LMS on an open-source basis.

Today over 1 million users, in thousands of organizations around the world, are benefiting from the LatitudeLearning.com Open-Source LMS.

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