Jamaican Born Artist, Latoya Smile:

At a very early age I was recognized for my love of painting and poetry. I was particularly inspired by the concept of being able to capture a thought, then giving it life with words, or paints on canvas.

At around age 10, I wrote my first poem. Later, I started sketching, and creating collages, etc. Finally, I was encouraged by family members and close friends, to try my hands at painting. That is where my career as a Creative Artist began to blossom. Mostly self-taught, I absorbed information from any and every medium source and combined what I learned with my own innate abilities. Without the constraints imposed by formal training I developed my own skills and techniques.

My poems are commentary on mostly love and relationships, intimate and platonic. My artwork bears messages and stories from The Bible, to my own experiences as a Jamaican, and a few are commentary on world events. My work varies from abstract to pop art, impressionism style and more.

I would like you to become impassioned when viewing each piece, as I was when creating it. Do enjoy, as your pleasure is my ultimate satisfaction.