Launched in February 2011, Launchabl.es  is dedicated to providing websites, resources, and content to help startups and entrepreneurs succeeding in bringing their visions to a reality. The focus is in five core categories, which seem to be the main challenges experienced by most entrepreneurs:

   * KNOWLEDGE - Providing insights and education from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.
   * TRACTION - Helping websites get exposure, increase web traffic, and obtain loyal users.
   * TEAM - Creating opportunities to meet, cultivate, and build new startup teams.
   * TOOLS - Providing tools to help streamline and expedite processes and procedures to deliver faster.
   * FUNDING - Helping entrepreneurs obtain funding to bring their visions into a reality.

Our mission is simple: develop resources to help foster, improve, and increase success for other startups and entrepreneurs. We're taking our product development philosophy right out of the Google playbook: rapid and continuous innovation, with frequent releases of early-stage products that we then iterate and improve.

Currently, there are 5 websites in the works, all planned for public beta in first quarter of 2011. Follow Launchabl.es on Twitter, Facebook, or even better, join our newsletter and be the first to know.

Launchabl.es is run by a very passionate team with an extensive background in developing and deploying web applications.