(Maui, Hawaii, November 24) Accomplished businesswoman, Laura DiBenedetto, delivered a TEDx talk virtually last week to heaping praise. Her timely speech of practical hope was broadcast against the beautiful backdrop of Maui, Hawaii, punctuating the true potential of her words.

The Covid crisis has highlighted an underlying discontent that many people were already feeling in their daily lives, causing existing cracks to be revealed, and deepen. Health, emotional and financial worries have been exacerbated and people are looking for answers.

Best-selling author, DiBenedetto, feels that this is the ideal time for people to look within and learn to master the mental habits which have been proven to help many ordinary people to live their most fulfilled lives. “The Six Habits offers a pragmatic, simple solution for anyone who has ever dreamed of a bigger, more abundant life,” she says. “When we change the nature of our thought patterns, anything becomes possible.”

DiBenedetto warns that there is never a convenient time to stop in your tracks and decide to change everything but ignoring the inner call of dissatisfaction can be devastating. “Even at a time when I thought I had it all, I was physically sick, I was bleeding internally from years of self-induced stress, I was not getting along with my new husband, and every corner of life was an uphill battle,” DiBenedetto says. “It was only when I looked within that I found the happiness I’d been searching for all along.”

Her talk has already been applauded by many who have praised its vulnerable honesty, accessibility and invitation into change.  

The talk is live on the TED website: https://www.ted.com/talks/laura_dibenedetto_the_six_habits_of_the_happiest_people