Laureate Trust provides expert portfolio management that achieves optimal results.  The proven trading strategies are based on four principles:  diversification, technical analysis, trend following and risk management, which combined have the potential to profit from any economic situation.

Our secured short-term notes are intended to generate long-term capital growth and provide global diversification.  A primary reason to invest in secured notes, is to provide a non-correlated investment to a portfolio of traditional stock and bond investments that has the potential to improve returns and lower the portfolio's volatility.

This disciplined approach with our replicated trading strategies have a 10-year average of +31.6% per year.  In 2012 this multiple platform strategy returned +18% net of all fees.

We deliver success with our global strategies in  risk management and award winning research.  Laureate Trust primarily trades standardised equities on the world's strictly regulated and highly liquid exchanges.  Through global diversification and risk management in a single investment;  stocks, bonds and option contracts can be traded in over 100 financial markets, which make it possible to diversify risk.  Through each series, investors can participate in global markets and opportunities without needing to master complex trading strategies and monitor multiple international markets.  

While Laureate's  approach is to identify emerging trends and follow them to conclusion, no one system is correct all the time.  We utilize a multi-system strategy on behalf of each series that divides capital among different markets in an attempt to allocate risk and increase profitability by correctly identifying and capitalising on trending markets.