Lauren Lorraine

Lauren Jones is internationally recognized as one of America’s foremost ready-to-wear shoe designers, creating lines of women’s footwear that provoke femininity, allure, and style. Renowned for capturing the essence of sophisticated luxury at an affordable price point, Lauren Jones has partnered - once again - with shoe titan, Av Goodman, who offers over 25 years of experience in the shoe manufacturing, sourcing and design business. Together, this dynamic duo makes an astute business team, creating fashionable women’s shoes that offer refined design, meticulous construction and unparalleled glamor.

Lauren’s signature design sensibility and Av's expertise are universal and have led to the launch of many product categories and product lines, transforming the A & L design house into a luxury lifestyle powerhouse.

Lauren Jones and Av Goodman proudly present their latest creation, the most exciting line of women’s footwear to hit shelves in 2013 – Lauren Lorraine.

Lauren Lorraine is an A & L LLC