THe Law Office of Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein is a multi-specialty law firm serving individuals, businesses and governmental entities throughout Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. We are proud to have represented many of our clients for 25 years or more. While our clients appreciate the results we achieve, the way we achieve those results is equally important to them.

We don't just respond to a client's needs. We anticipate them. Because we work hard to understand each client's business, industry and unique situations, we can be more proactive about protecting their interests. Because we are committed to frequent communication and ready accessibility, we can obtain client input quickly and move forward in an expeditious manner. Because we embrace the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, we can be trusted to do the right thing for every client.

The Team Approach
In many law firms, your attorney is assigned by default -it's simply an attorney who had time to fit your case into his or her schedule. At Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein, your attorney is determined on the basis of knowledge and expertise -so you get the very best person for the job. To help your attorney make more efficient use of time, we assemble a support team of additional attorneys, paralegals and law clerks. Even if your attorney is out of the office on another matter, there is always someone here who is familiar with your situation and can assist you.

Efficiency Experts
The containment of legal costs is a high priority at Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein. As a mid-size law firm, we are able to provide exceptional legal services at hourly rates lower than those charged by larger firms for comparable services. In addition, we have realized cost efficiencies by embracing technological advances in such areas as communications, litigation support, legal research and office operations.

Our operating philosophy is rooted in respect. We respect our clients enough to make them full partners in the legal process -keeping them informed and inviting their participation every step of the way. We feel this is a better way to build and maintain an effective working relationship. We are happy to say that our clients agree.

The Advantage of Specialization
Many of the attorneys at Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein concentrate their practice in specific areas such as real estate, taxation, commercial transactions and litigation. Several of our attorneys are also licensed CPAs. This specialization enables us to maintain expertise in rapidly evolving and complex areas of the law, and to ensure that each client's legal work is handled by the attorney best suited to deal with a specific matter. Several of our attorneys are recognized experts in their fields and are frequently asked to speak or write about topics relating to their specialties.

The Principal Practice Areas at Cohen, Bradshaw, Rothstein and Klein Include:

Corporate and Business
Our business clients range from start-up ventures and small companies to large international firms. They include closely and publicly held corporations, nonprofit corporations, professional corporations, financial institutions and others. We advise and represent these clients on everything from start-up to wind-up. We also regularly handle mergers and acquisitions, sales, reorganizations and spin-offs.

Criminal Defense
We represent a wide range of criminal defense cases, from state-level felony charges, to federal capital cases. Our clients know we have passion about providing the best defense for them, proving time and time again that justice truly is blind. Our team has a wide range of experience as former prosecutors for various branches the Department of Justice.

Defense Practice and Insurance Coverage
Attorneys in this practice area focus upon the unique needs of the insurance industry and insureds. This includes aggressive defense of non-medical professionals, as well as the direct representation of the insurance industry in disputes. We represent clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts, administrative tribunals and ADR proceedings.

Employee Benefits
Members of this group assist employer and plan sponsors in the design, adoption, implementation and operation of a wide variety of employee benefit and retirement plans. These include health and welfare plans, tax qualified retirement plans and other forms of executive compensation.

Employment and Workforce Management
The members of this group help employers identify and implement the optimal balance of financial, legal and humanistic considerations for their highly individualized situations. Their services include developing policies and strategies to minimize risks associated with the employment relationship or providing appropriate defense for workplace disputes. They also help individuals address concerns relating to past, present or prospective employment.