Global Accessibility

Immediate Access to a Comprehensive Network: Hiring outside counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions can be a time-consuming process, fraught with risk. But International Law Chamber provides our clients with immediate access to a comprehensive network of law firms, covering 23 of the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, and 19 countries around the world including Canada and European Countries. Expertise in Canadian Super Fast Immigration Processing.

High Quality Representation

Outstanding Member Law Firms: International Law Chamber are among the best–in-class, garnering local, state, and national recognition and awards. Great care is taken in the selection process, with heavy reliance placed upon input from clients, also with the Tours and Travel Package.

Experienced and Expert Trial Counsel: International Law Chamber was originally formed as a small network of trial counsel. Our firm are composed of lawyers who have tried hundreds of cases, often serving as state or federal prosecutors, district attorneys, public defenders, or administrative agency counsel.

And Yet More than Just Trial Lawyers: In addition to trial work, the majority of our member firms have developed broad-based general practices. International Law Chamber recruits member firms with wide-ranging subject matter expertise. Reflecting the less litigious legal climate in many parts of the world, our international members maintain strong commercial, corporate, regulatory, and transactional practices.