Our organically enhanced lawn care program was developed through years of experience working as turf managers in the South East.  We continued to run into issue after issue while forcing turf to perform in less than optimal soil conditions.  Our experience and failures forced us to look for a better solution.

Our solution came in the form of utilizing organics.  Because we could not force the grass to grow in poor soil, what if we could force the soil to grow grass.  Compost teas became our new test solution.  We ran compost teas on centipedegrass in red Georgia clay.  It took time, but it delivered better than expected results.  

Compost teas work by supplying the soil with beneficial bacteria, fungi, and microbes.  As these organic goodies live, breath, eat, and die, they produce valuable nutrients to turfgrasses.  The end result is turf that tends to take care of itself.  Fewer herbicides, less water, and better disease resistance means our form of sustainable lawn care allows us to minimize our environmental impact.