FRANCHISING OPPORTUNITY.  Imagine having a green lawn, all year long.  Instant Green Organics LLC provides business opportunities in the lawncare industry by way of franchising. Extensive research shows that employees in today’s workforce are realizing that working for large corporations or in a government job will not secure their future.  People are opening their own businesses today more than ever before.  People are rethinking how to live in America.  The Instant Green Organics business opportunity is built around the average man. You won’t need to be rich to have your own Instant Green Organics franchise.  Simple, safe, straightforward with low start- up investment costs.
We offer a Proprietary product that makes all the difference. Commerical properties, Town's, Cities, Schools, Residential.. with our product and our management team helping you along the way.. you will succeed, we guaranty it (see web-site) If you believe in Water Conservation, have ambition to be your own boss, Please give us a call today, 714-744-2626 or go to our web -site www.GrassMagic.biz