Eternus Global Company Ltd, a leading global IT services and solutions company based in the Philippines with offices in California and London, has announced the introduction/launch of a new medical knowledge process outsourcing (medical KPO) service. This service is targeted towards the medical profession and includes medical software development, medical web and graphic design, medical writing, clinical research, medical journal publishing, medical data management and pharmaceutical regulatory services. This is in addition to their already existing world-class web development and technical support services which have supported more than 150 businesses around the world.

According to Mr. Lakshmanan Mariyappan, Chief Executive Officer of the company, “We are helping healthcare professionals in terms of research, medical writing and preparing documents for physicians and other health professionals. We are now focusing on building medical apps that you can access from your devices like your smartphones, tablets or laptops. We are now building electronic health reports, and patient information management systems. We found that there’s a gap between IT and the healthcare. It seems everyone is looking at software in the healthcare industry, since it’s booming and there’s a high potential in that. I know that the industry and the technology can grow. There is still room for software development in the industry for physicians, healthcare professionals and professionals. We are waiting for growth in the coming years.”

Dr. Marie Gabrielle Laguna-Bedia, Managing Director of Eternus Global Company further added, “We want to build systems that hasten processes between physicians, patients and other healthcare professionals. We want to focus on medical software that can enable fast diagnosis and treatment across all the medical disciplines. We build medical web software applications where patients can log-in for appointments, and in hospitals we can build software that can hasten the process of delivering laboratory and imaging results to doctors and nurses in the wards. Our systems are safe and secure. We have a 100% money back guarantee if you think that our ecommerce systems are not suited to your needs. Our ecommerce systems are also built on open source. Our clients have their own login portal where they can do and have maintenance by themselves if they want to. We offer free maintenance training. If they don’t want to do maintenance by themselves, they can pay us a minimum fee every month depending on their needs.”

Eternus Global forecasts that the global medical pharmaceuticals market is experiencing constant growth due to the worldwide increase in life expectancy, as well as the increasing incidence of chronic and infectious diseases. The steadily increasing demand for innovative drugs has thus triggered a significant rise in R&D investments in the pharmaceuticals industry. Leading industry players allocate around 20% of their turnover to R&D to maintain a competitive edge.

Eternus Global Outsourcing is a global information technology and medical KPO company that offers offer technology solutions to business around the world by combining scientific, medical and biopharmaceutical knowledge and technology expertise. Their medical KPO services include medical research, clinical research and data management, writing, medical web and mobile applications, software development like electronic medical records and pharma regulatory services.

For more information on Eternus Global services, visit their website at www.eternusglobal.com.

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Dr. Marie Gabrielle Laguna-Bedia
Marketing and Sales
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