Since 2006, LazyCats Records has published digital download and Jewel case CD projects from a wide variety of artists.  Jazz, Dance Music, Novelty, Pop ballads and solo musicians that are at the peak of their careers.

LazyCats records, a small independent label, sells music worldwide on iTunes and Amazon as well as  smaller download stores worldwide. The label actively supports its artists and provides free services to them such as free cover art, track mastering, copyright and royalties protection amongst others.

Rob Wallace is executive producer and founder of LazyCats Records. He is a Grammy pool artist and has released over 15 titles on his own since 2004. His most noteworthy project was for Canyon Records in 1997 called “White Buffalo.”

The Record Industry has undergone massive changes these past 10 years. The major labels like EMI, Capitol, RCA and Columbia are distressed. The majors are folding and lazyCats and many other small to large size independent, “Indie” labels are taking over the market with solutions that fit the new technology which means a wider base of talented musicians who will get their music out.

The LP, the cassette, even the Jewel Case products have vanished or nearly vanished. Music is sold by downloading with the notable exception that fans want to buy CD’s from their favorite band when they tour, and some people want to own the physical product for a variety of reasons. LazyCats will produce the Jewel Case product but we do it in an innovated way, we make them individually on demand. The cost savings means LazyCats can sign more artists and concentrate on distribution.

LazyCats Records will continue to be innovative as the record business continues to transform.