New Flight Books, Colorado-based publisher of books by internationally known author and advocate, Lisa Bracken. Titles include: "Hardrock: Crazy Jake's Fish Bomb" (fiction); "You And What Army: How to Neutralize Conflict and Negotiate Justice for the Totally Outgunned, Inwardly Timid, Burnt Out or Socially Defunct" (leadership, advocacy, negotiation); "Circles in the Sand" (illustrated poetry); "The Path" (Philosophy); "The Gift of Everlasting Cheer" (Children's). Lisa is an artist, author, educator, speaker and sustainability advocate. To learn more about Lisa's work and advocacy, visit New Flight Books at http://www.newflightbooks.com; or, find her on Amazon or Goodreads. All of Bracken's titles are available through Amazon (digital). "Hardrock" and "You And What Army?" are available in print through Ingram.