Lets Face It
Sales is hard! Sales Leadership is challenging. It is the only profession essential for businesses to thrive, yet there is generally little to no schooling or mentorship. Many of us have learned through trial and error while being students at the school of hard knocks. Many sales leaders were promoted from being successful individual contributors; only to figure out becoming an influential leader on their own.

So What?
Once we "face it," we are left with an industry with high turnover, broken promises and a mixed bag of talent & skill. The sales industry is continuously labelled with stereotypes of a dishonest, disingenuous, smooth-talking hustler. We are told to "grind" and "always be closing," and while this isn't totally bad advice, it is not supported by development and values that builds champions for themselves, the business and the customer. Our industry is left disjointed with people who reinforce the cringey sales stereotypes. Everybody loses more than creating win-win scenarios.