Lead Tracking Systems, the most innovative lead management program on the market today! LTS was created with you in mind - the independent merchant level sales associate! You will discover a comprehensive array of sales, marketing, and lead development management functionality that will dramatically change the way you do business.  
Our talented team of merchant services experts, web developers, and programmers have collaborated to create, not only a dynamic CRM product, but one that is complimented with helpful sales and marketing ideas that will increase your lead stream and move your prospect from shopper to revenue producing client.
Whether you are a large agent office, with a team of sales reps and administrative assistants, or simply a “one man band”, Lead Tracking Systems is an affordable product, offering a single subscription rate to each agent office, affording unlimited users! So no matter how many sales reps or referral partners you have, you will only be charged a single fee, on a month-to-month basis.
As you know, building trust to your success with your referral partners is vitally important. With LTS, your referral partner is immediately sent status updates, so there is never a delay in communication.
When it comes to logging into Lead Tracking Systems, it’s simple and easy - anywhere Internet connectivity is available. Instant access allows you to track your leads, as you follow up with your prospects and referral partners.
Also, our account statistics feature is designed for “results oriented” reporting, vital to the success of your team and the partners you serve.  
Your desktop calendar is available to schedule appointments, send out email reminders, or to notify your team of important events. And all of your entries can be posted to Outlook in one simple step.
We also offer an affiliate partner program. Our clients have access to many optional services to promote their business. All exclusive to LTS clients.
And most importantly, our custom “white label” branding program is ideal for any large ISO. This uniquely designed program will help you attract more productive sales agents and increase your current production.
So, now that you know more about Lead Tracking Systems, take the next step and sign up for your free 30 day trial! There’s no obligation at all! Take us out for a test drive, and I’m sure that you will be thrilled with our performance, as we turn prospects into profits….one lead at a time!

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