Why bother raking leaves when you can be inside prepping your house for the holidays or watching the game? With half a decade of experience, Leaf Dragon, a service of Mission Horticultural Services, has provided professional, fast and efficient leaf removal in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. Raking leaves doesn’t have to be a chore when we can rake your leaves and clean your yard with a commercial leaf vacuum. Oak tree leaves, dogwood leaves, elm tree leaves, maple tree leaves, birch leaves, whichever, our locally owned and staffed company will have your yard raked, and leaf free using lawn vacuums, leaf blowers and other leaf removal equipment. Don’t let tree leaves become a problem for you.

Hate raking leaves? Are oak tree leaves, elm tree leaves, dogwood leaves, birch leaves or maple tree leaves choking your yard? Leaf Dragon in Tulsa, Oklahoma can help you deal with all of your leaf problems.  Leaf Dragon has some of the best leaf removal equipment and leaf vacuum equipment to completely remove leaves from your yard. We can rake leaves quickly and efficiently to totally remove tree leaves from your yard. As Tulsa, Oklahoma leaf removal experts we can employ our leaf blowers and leaf vacuums to have your yard looking great. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

For five years locally-owned Leaf Dragon has been your Tulsa, Oklahoma experts for leaf removal. If you hate to rake leaves, let us take care of your tree leaves. Through the use of our truck-mounted leaf vacuum, we can have your yard cleared of leaves in less time than it takes for normal leaf removal equipment.  Our services are fully mechanized, using leaf blowers and commercial leaf vacuums, removing the need for you to be raking leaves. Whether your lawn is full of oak tree leaves, elm tree leaves, birch leaves, maple tree leaves or dogwood leaves, or combination of all of them, we can have your yard cleaned and leaf free through the use of our leaf vacuum equipment. Also, ask us about our senior, veterans and handicapped discounts! We accept Visa and Mastercard as well. Call us today at 918-232-5752 or visit http://www.leafdragontulsa.com.