LearningFuze Web Development Training Academy offers 12 week accelerated learning coding bootcamps which prepare its graduates to be workforce ready in the web development industry in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire regions in California.

We instruct on current programming languages and technologies:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript
MySQL, PHP, Github
Agile, CodeIgniter

We are a completely standalone coding bootcamp academy with a whole level of dedicated classroom space in tech hub Irvine, CA.  Our twelve week program is completed by our students remotely for the first three weeks.  The next nine weeks are in-class on location at our Irvine classroom, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We offer various night and weekend courses as well as a front-end only bootcamp (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that is completely web-based.

www.learningfuze.com  (949) 679-7699