Learning Matters is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit media production company focused on education. Our mission is to encourage and enrich public dialogue about education, youth and families.

Learning Matters has produced more than 30 documentaries and filed hundreds of reports for PBS NewsHour. Our work has taken us everywhere from community colleges to kindergarten classes, and from policy hearings to protest rallies. Unparalleled access to education’s leaders, long-term in-depth coverage, and scrupulous representation of complex issues are the hallmarks of our approach.

We stay on top of developing issues in education and no matter what the story is, our job at Learning Matters is to shine light on the successes — and setbacks — in our schools and districts, and report them clearly and fairly to the public. Our audience relies on us for reporting they trust and stories that matter.

Founded by John Merrow in 1995, Learning Matters establishes the standard of excellence for education journalism, informing the public about what’s happening inside our schools and setting the stage for national debate.