Learning Outsource Group is an internationally recognized provider of learning solutions designed to support human resource development initiatives of sales and customer-centric organizations. With our contemporary business model, we address a broad range of client needs while maintaining the focus on our core competencies, sales education and management leadership development. We help you build and sustain competitive advantage by identifying, collaborating, and delivering world class learning solutions tied to measurable business results. In short… “Our business is improving yours.”

We offer our clients an array of innovative sales training and consulting services worldwide to meet ongoing demands in human resource development. In this unpredictable era of high velocity change, organizations must develop their most valuable and only sustainable competitive resource – their people – with developmental programs that not only immediately improve skills and performance, but also create the foundation for practical and continuous application.

Applied knowledge is power. People are a company’s most valuable and only sustainable competitive resource.

Our business is providing integral and flexible processes, services, and learning exchanges designed to maximize this resource. We help people discover and develop their potential. Developing the right combination of application and desire fosters individual commitment and a culture where continuous improvement, higher levels of performance, standards of excellence, and exceeding customer expectations prevail.

Our Superior Value Proposition meets common client needs by providing the following:
•     A robust business model that aligns training with the culture, strategic direction, and internal resources of the client organization.
•     Extensive experience, expertise and a client base. Our associates have conducted training to over 110,000 attendees from 20 countries around the world.
•     Principals and affiliates with a combined 400+ years experience in all aspects of sales, management, executive leadership, training and facilitating.
•     Ongoing coaching provided to each attendee for 12 months after completion of any workshop.
•     Practical skills, processes and tools for maximum implementation.
•     Support materials for ongoing review and reinforcement.
•     High energy, creative, contemporary programs delivered by trainers who walk the talk.
•     Extensive international experience.
•     Learning continuums, utilizing client resources in combination with our own.
•     Resources and capabilities to develop customized solutions as required.