LeaseOwn Homes is going nationwide…helping people get a fresh start and a second chance to become homeowners regardless of their past credit history.

LeaseOwn Homes is making homeownership possible.

Scottsdale, AZ, 02/06/2015– Millions of Americans lost their homes due to bad loans, job loss and the economy over the last several years. LeaseOwn Homes is there to help those Americans get a fresh start and a second chance to become homeowners again.

Founder and President Marv Rousselow states “our mission statement says it best.”
"LeaseOwn Homes was founded to help people become homeowners regardless of past credit history and help current investors find long-term tenants, avoid being landlords and earn more profit from their investments while saving thousands of dollars real estate commissions."

To learn more about getting into a home or finding out how to have a better real estate investment please visit our website: www.leaseownhomes.com or give us a call at (480) 382-8858.

LeaseOwn Homes is a real estate investment company that acquires homes on contract and assigns the rights to that home to a third party for a fee. LeaseOwn Homes has one goal: Make a difference in people’s lives one home at a time.

Contact Information:
LeaseOwn Homes
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