The idea for the LeashLocket retractable dog leash was born during a camping trip. Our favorite neighbors had brought along their Schnauzer, Xena, who wandered into a campsite nearby. The man camping there was not a fan of dogs and was yelling towards us to let us know our dog had wandered over there. We went to grab the dog, but we didn’t have her leash handy and could only drag Xena back by her collar.  Later that night we had a sudden flash of insight:
Why not have a retractable leash that could be carried right on the dog's collar? When you need your leash it's always in reach? Making it easy to grab and go when you need to! And with that moment of inspiration, the LeashLocket adventure began

The Marshall's pursued their dream, and less than six months later, in December 2009,  LeashLocket, Ltd. was formed. Today the company is committed to manufacturing and supplying high-quality, safe pet products. The LeashLocket retractable leash for dogs is our flagship offering, and a portion of the proceeds from LeashLocket sales helps abused, neglected and lost pets through the LeashLocket ASTRO Foundation.

LeashLocket’s innovative design was developed over a two-year period by a team of pet product experts, making it one of the best-quality and most durable leashes on the market. The ergonomic locket contains a nearly 6-foot lead – the length of standard dog leashes. It comes in two sizes, each of which is lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear. The small size is designed for dogs up to 55 pounds, while large is suited to dogs up to 90 pounds. It’s currently available in four colors, red, blue, black and pink.