Peak Achievement Training manufacturers and sells the Peak Achievement Trainer, a Neurovideofeedback computer based mental training system. Utilizing the latest advances in neurovideofeedbackâ?¢, the patented Peak Achievement Trainer helps people to improve the ability to concentrate and stay focused, while reducing stress and anxiety to achieve peak performance in a wide variety of different areas, including:
    * Better job performance
    * Improved grades and behavior
    * Becoming a better athlete

Peak Achievement Training can improve the lives of adults, students, and athletes with problems paying attention.  As a testimony to its effectiveness, the Peak Achievement Trainer has just been awarded the 2007 Award for Innovation and Distinction by the pre-eminent authority in the area of stress, disease and health, the American Institute of Stress, founded by Dr. Hans Selye in 1975. We demonstrated how the Trainer can be used to decrease stress while enhancing focus.

The Peak Achievement Trainer is a complete computer-based neurovideofeedbackâ?¢  program that includes everything but the PC and web cam.  It is effective for either professional or home use.  The Trainer teaches the user to better focus their attention, regulate their use of mental energy, and frequently recharge the brain.  Noticeable improvements with the Peak Achievement Trainer are fast, and it is very easy to use and understand.  Users typically report significant increases in their ability to focus, and with improved memory, after only three or four short mental training sessions.  Other mental training programs included improve the userâ??s alertness and awareness.

It is based on the latest advances in neurovideofeedbackâ?¢ technology, neuroimaging studies, and NASA and Air Force funded research on the brainwaves of peak performing B2 bomber instructor pilots. The Training builds on the foundation of this research by helping teach individuals to focus better and more consistently.

Neurovideofeedbackâ?¢ is a method of training the brain to improve itself by letting the user know more clearly what his/her brain is doing from moment to moment, while showing video of their actions at the same time. The user learns what they need to do to focus and relax more intensely by following the instructions and using the information from the computer-generated displays and sounds.

The Trainer includes three basic mental training approaches.  It measures and enhances the Three Fundamental Dimensions of Mental Processing - Focus, Alertness and Neureka!  The Focus Protocol teaches you how to concentrate more consistently and to learn new material faster and more thoroughly in order to reach peak performance.  The Alertness Protocol adds the ability to measure and train the degree of alertness/arousal.  The Neureka! Protocol can make the user more aware.  It also activates the brain system involved with feelings of satisfaction after a new discovery.  

Hereâ??s the tie in to happiness:  The Neureka! system makes you feel happy for a moment, so you continue to try to make new discoveries.  You can train to prolong these feelings of bliss and appreciation, while improving your memory. The main purpose of this newly-discovered brain system is to motivate you to make new discoveries and enhance your memory for them.   You can use Neureka! and Focus training together.