Lectromec is a US aerospace engineering firm with over a quarter century of expertise in the industry. We specialize in aircraft wiring testing, electrical wire interconnection system (EWIS) risk assessment, wire degradation analysis, and mission critical wiring system research and design. Our services cover both new and existing aircrafts.

New Aircraft

Before a new model of aircraft can be cleared for sale in the United States, the manufacturer is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to acquire a certificate of safety on the model’s EWIS.

Leveraging Lectromec’s proprietary and patented EWIS risk assessment tool (EWIS RAT™), the certification process can be greatly simplified and accelerated. EWIS RAT™ allows systematic full risk assessments to be conducted efficiently and effectively on the model’s EWIS. It can also capitalize on information from existing models to further shorten the assessment-adjustment cycles for the new model, and thus bring the EWIS certification within reach much quicker.

For cases where additional, more focused information may be needed, Lectromec offers a comprehensive service suite that integrates seamlessly with our standard risk assessment service. For example, EWIS RAT™ can be coupled with our state-of-the-art arc damage modeling tool (ADMT) to properly and accurately identify the consequences of wiring system failures.

Existing Aircraft

For an existing aircraft, maintenance needs can vary greatly depending on the current condition of its wiring system. It is, therefore, imperative to have the most reliable assessment of the wiring system before allocating time and resources to the aircraft’s maintenance.

Lectromec has considerable experience in analyzing wire insulation degradation and addressing different failure modes of each insulation type. We have developed tools and best practices to ensure the most reliable assessment every time we test the condition of wiring systems. In addition, we have an exclusive agreement with DuPont covering its widely deployed Kapton® film, which translates to even more in-depth testing of and accurate reporting on polyimide insulated wires.

Lectromec’s services extend far beyond the mere assessment of current conditions. For example, from the degradation and failure mode results, we can also project the life expectancy of the wiring systems tested. All of our services for existing aircrafts can be further combined with EWIS RAT™ and ADMT to provide a “360-degree” comprehensive EWIS assessment.