LED lighting bulbs UK are a leading supplier of LED solution for the home.
Our vision is simply to save customers money on their lighting bill and maintenance costs, whilst reducing their carbon footprint by supplying a quality LED alternative that will not sacrifice light output, colour, temperature and improve the lighting design within their home.

Formed in 2006, we spent our first year researching the LED lighting market. By 2008 we had a huge understanding of the LED Industry and when the credit crisis hit the UK, with rising electricity bills and profits being reduced, we saw the opportunity to establish ourselves in the market place. LED lighting bulbs specialise in the residential markets and are part of the Primera LED group who specialise in commercial projects and have been established since 2005. LED lighting bulbs UK are helping the consumer to hit back by reducing their running costs by 94%.

We understand that if you want to maximise your household profits, reduce your bills, and want no maintenance cost, then we have a team of people wanting to help and advise you.