LED Revolution supply world class energy saving lighting solutions on a wholesale basis to trade buyers, retailers and professional customers from around the globe.
Extensive investment in LED innovation, the latest production technology, stringent quality control and a solid commitment to after sales service keeps LED Revolution products at the forefront of the LED lighting industry.  
LED light sources are the future of modern lighting. LED Revolution is committed to changing the way we view lighting and the impact that it has on the environment.  
Our international management team, European based distribution hubs, carefully selected low cost Asian assembly partners and cutting edge American LED technology guarantee an extensive, high performing product range that offers real value for money and significant energy savings to end users.

Saving energy by providing alternative, innovative light sources today will help to ensure a better world for tomorrow.
We take our corporate responsibility to the environment very seriously. LED Revolution actively  promotes awareness of innovative technologies that will help protect the planet by reducing our reliance on conventional fuels, save precious energy resources, halt the production of harmful emissions and contribute to keeping our planet safe.
Proven energy saving LED technology already exists at a domestic level and is advancing rapidly, our aim is to increase public awareness of this easily implemented sustainable solution and introduce people to the basic principals of energy saving lighting techniques.
Saving the planet will not be achieved by a single action or great idea. Millions of people working together with the same goals will. There are many ways that each one of us can contribute to protecting our environment and preserving precious energy reserves. One of them is switching to low energy LED lighting.