Founded in 2005, Special Needs Network, Inc. grew out of the struggles of two moms whose young sons were diagnosed with autism. After finding it incredibly difficult to access services for her son, President & Co-Founder Areva Martin, Esq. became aware of the enormous challenges faced by underserved families affected by developmental disabilities. She, along with a group of concerned community leaders, leveraged their collective resources to create a parent-centered organization with a mission to help communities in need through four resolutions:

1. Educate and raise awareness of autism and related disorders in order to reduce the waiting period for families to have their children diagnosed and increase access to needed services.

2. Bring healthcare services and educational resources directly into underserved communities.

3. Provide unique learning opportunities to children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

4. Forge an action-based coalition of families and grassroots organizers who are able to advocate for fair policy making and allocation of resources at all levels of government.