Leger is the largest Canadian-owned polling, research and strategic marketing firm with over 600 employees in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary in Canada, Philadelphia, Denver and Tampa in the United States, as well as Zurich in Switzerland. Our firm distinguishes itself through its marketing intelligence and strategic advice.

Our Prestigious Clients
Over the last few years, prestigious clients such as AT&T, ATB Financial, AXA Insurance, Blackberry, Bank of Montreal, Celgene, Johnson & Johnson, LG, L'Oreal, Mastercard, Merck, Microsoft, Migros, Nestle, Pfizer, Quebecor, Samsung, Sears, Staples, Walt Disney, Westjet and Zicam have benefited from the high level of quality of our services.

A Credible Partner
Founded in 1986, Leger has gained an impressive knowledge base, which provides clients access to credible and reliable data and twenty-six years of experience, all of which contribute to making Leger your strategic partner.  Whether you are a business, institution, civic organization, government agency or in the media, Leger can not only take the pulse of Canadian public opinion on a wide array of subjects, but can also gauge public opinion worldwide with the help of its network of partners.  The expertise and experience of its specialists in marketing, communications and public affairs make it an indispensable strategic adviser.

Advanced and Up-to-Date Technology
The Canadian leader in polling, research and strategic marketing, Leger has the latest technology to conduct telephone and Internet surveys. This enables us to offer data collection services, analysis, and advanced statistical and data processing in compliance with the highest standards of quality. Its Web panel, the largest in Canada with over 400,000 members, allows Leger to achieve results more effectively, faster and with greater accuracy, results that were impossible to achieve only a few years ago.

A Unique Experience
Leger also has more than 100 senior professionals specialized in key sectors such as technology, finances, lottery, communication, transport, travel & leisure, energy, telecom, analytics, retail, governmental affairs, public affairs and healthcare. These professionals contribute to the success of thousands of mandates entrusted to them each year in Canada and the United States.

Recognized for Accuracy
Its reputation and credibility are Leger’s most recognized assets in Canada. Public awareness of the firm allows for a relationship of trust with respondents, which significantly increases response rates and facilitates interaction with Canadian households and businesses. With more than 1 million completed interviews each year, Leger can guarantee that your goals will be met.

Strategic Advice
Its unique ability for data collection, carrying out strategic data analysis, providing tailored marketing advice and creating customized communication or public affairs strategies, make Leger one of the few Canadian firms able to offer clients a fully integrated approach. Multidisciplinary teams can clearly identify your needs, goals and expectations. A project conducted by Leger provides a better understanding of your customers' requirements, enabling you to better target their needs and to establish more effective strategies.

An Effective Global Network
Since the know-how of Quebec and Canada shines internationally and because local companies do business around the world, Leger's strict precision and expertise are also there for you in the United States. Leger - The Research Intelligence Group, has offices in Philadelphia, Denver, and Tampa. To support you in your conquest of the world, Leger and its partners have set up the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN), an international network of the 77 largest firms, covering 89% of global markets. Our world is yours!