LegisOne is a cloud based Legal Service Platform, owned and managed by IP Legal Services Private Limited (IPLS) and fully supported by a renowned Global Virtual Legal Practice . A  innovative and committed platform which  extends you the flexibility of a Legal Freelancing Site and reliability of a Law Firm.

LegisOne serves individuals, businesses, corporations, non-profits, solo attorney’s law firms and any other entity in all and any of their legal support service requirements. It is free to register with LegisOne. When you have a project, just login and post your legal support requirement as a legal project fix the Cost & Time Cap and leave the rest with LegisOne.

LegisOne has a pool consisting thousands of Virtual Attorneys around the world in their cloud system. Its own trained and qualified In-House Attorneys also manage and supervise the legal project. The In-House attorneys search for the best attorney or team of attorneys from their huge pool of virtual attorneys and get the work done under supervision.

LegisOne extends its accessibility to all spheres. Legal requirements can be accessed from any corner of the world, it’s affordable and time bound. If you are a company you can have your own departments and employees working within LegisOne as different teams in different projects. There is matchless communication system, immaculate file management system, smooth task & milestone management and many more project management features.

LegisOne is always committed for its quality assurance, accountability and responsibility