Empowering Children through Animation and Art.

Our main focus of business is our "Storybook DVD Project."

Through cute and comical animation and a positive message, we strive to celebrate the individual capability each child has in shaping our future. Our lovable characters encourage children to shine brightly, believe in themselves, take initiative, solve problems and inspire others.

One of our goals is to supply our entertaining and educational interactive DVDs to every elementary school library across the country. Children love animation. They seem to grasp and learn more effectively when they are engaged in something they can get excited about and thoroughly enjoy.

Our company's mission:

  1) to help make dreams come true
  2) to promote and perpetuate charitable giving
  3) to make a difference

We promote a "DONATE-One-Get-One-FREE" offer to our customers. 65 - 80 percent of our profits on DVD sales are donated to charitable causes.

Visit our "Storybook DVD Project" website: http://leighswishingwell.com/bookproject