LensDoctor® has developed and field tested the most cost effective method to restore headlight lenses and I've been utilizing it for over 14 years. Specializing only in headlight restoration, I discovered that making a 6 figure income was relatively easy.

There are 256 million vehicles registered in the US* the average age of which is 11.4 years. Vehicle headlight lenses deteriorate and lose their ability to light the roadway ahead after about 5 years.

LensDoctor® developed and field tested the most cost effective method to restore headlight lenses over the past 14 years... in the real world on real world vehicles.

Every car dealer in America (and the rest of the world for that matter) could benefit with;

1. Increased profits and faster turnover in their used car department(s).
2. Added profits in their service department(s).
3. Increased profits on their wholesale (auction) cars.

LensDoctor® can share with your dealership all that we have learned and provide you with everything you will need to capitalize on the growing niche of headlight restoration.

LensDoctor® can also help entrepreneurs create a successful headlight restoration business of their own.

No magic potions, no half way jobs, but a professional approach to eliminate all the damage occurring to today's plastic headlights... and it lasts years not weeks.

*as of 2013

Cloudy or yellowed headlight lenses effects everyone who drives a car that is over 5 years old, as well as those who share the road with them. The NHTSA identified glare from these damaged headlight lenses as one of the top consumer safety complaints in their history.

In light of State and Federal regulations I believe there is a real need for a standardized method of headlight restoration, one that could easily be adopted by car dealers, repair shops and body shops such as LensDoctor®'s.