Who Says Good Style Is Exclusive?

We don't.

Le Petit Society was founded on the principle that great style is not exclusive to the rich and the famous. Great style belongs to everyone.

Everything we do as a company is guided by our desire to create an inclusive society of stylish kids.
We've structured our company to keep our costs down while never sacrificing quality. We tapped into our passion for good design, set about creating a childrenswear line that married Asian cool with European chic, while still remaining accessible to everyone.

Homegrown Cool.

Le Petit Society's garments are designed and produced here in Asia. We love the bold look of Asian Street style, and draw inspiration from modern Asian cool. We also admire the sophisticated luxury of many European children's labels. Our label combines Asian flair with European quality for an effortlessly cool look that is created entirely here in Asia.

Our Story

The idea for Le Petit Society was hatched in 2012 by Singaporean founders Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong. Frustrated by the lack of availability of great looking children's clothing at an affordable price in the Asian market, Robyn and Dylan set out to develop their own line. Their objective was always clear: to create childrenswear that celebrates modern Asian cool while remaining accessible.

Robyn and Dylan spent many years living and traveling throughout Asia, and they drew their inspiration from the aesthetic richness this vast continent offers. We decided that the best way to produce beautiful children's clothing at an affordable price point was to localise design, production, and distribution right here in Asia.
Our headquarters are located in Hong Kong, just across the border from some of the world's leading garment manufacturers. Our proximity to the leading producers helps us control our costs while never sacrificing on quality and safety.