Lesley H Phillips - Dorset Silversmith & UK Jewellery Designer
It’s easy to see why Vogue magazine featured Lesley H Phillips’ exquisite handmade jewellery in two separate editions entitled ‘Beautifully Bespoke.’
Working from a studio at her Dorset home, Lesley ensures that she puts her heart and soul into every piece she makes.
As well as offering a recycled silver range, the bullion is only bought from dealers who adhere to the Golden Rules of Mining, which protects mine workers’ rights and the surrounding countryside. The company largely uses tools dating back to ancient times (saw, pliers, hammers and fire) and many of the designs could never be replicated by machines because they are so intricate.
Each piece is handmade and imaginatively designed using a variety of techniques to produce wearable, high quality works of art in precious metal.

All the original designs are protected by Intellectual Property Rights which ensures that every item of jewellery is as individual as the person wearing it.