Les Lunes Story:

Entrepreneur, world traveler and mother of two, Anna Lecat was disappointed in her fashion choices. She could either dress like a “Mini-Man” and be uncomfortable, or she could be comfortable in shapeless wear. Believing that clothing could be stylish, feminine, and comfortable, Anna set out to fill the void for herself and for women everywhere. Anna’s quest to provide comfortable, ethically made clothing with Parisian flair was only a part of the equation; Anna also wanted to create a culture where women could unite in support of one another.

While working in Shanghai she discovered bamboo and knew she had found the perfect raw resource for her fabrics. Environmentally speaking bamboo is a healing grass, ideal for soil that has been abused by clear cutting or overgrazing. Working with teams for over two years Anna hit her mark with a luxurious soft bamboo fabric that not only draped and wore well, but was ethically and environmentally sound. Now, to locate a designer that understood Parisian flair.
In the Spring of 2009 Melanie Viallon was graduating from the distinguished Esmod Fashion Design and Patternmaking School in Paris; as part of her curriculum she was showing her lingerie line, which was crafted on the stance that the function of lingerie was to accentuate the beauty of the wearer, but not be the focal point. Anna was excited by Melanie’s concept that the clothes were there to support the woman and that we were not there to support them. This was what Anna’s vision was all about. They discovered they shared similar passions in fashion and business ethics, both were intent on forging a product and a community that celebrated inspired women, and from one strong woman to another Les Lunes was born.

Why Bamboo-based fabrics:

Les Lunes team spent two years designing our Signature Rayon made from Bamboo, and they continue to fine-tune it along with bamboo-based knitted and woven fabrics. Les Lunes chose to use fabrics made from bamboo because they are incredibly soft, have an elegant drape, and wear well. Bamboo fabrics are breathable, thermal regulating, non-irritating, and highly absorbent, wicking moisture away from the skin 4 times faster than cotton. It is long lasting, comfortable, and easier to care for than silk or wool. While all cloth requires some processing to be made, Les Lunes considers that Rayon made from Bamboo is the most friendly to the environment due to bamboo's many benefits during the growth cycle.

Inspired By The Heart Of Three Cities
Les Lunes positioned themselves at the epicenter of three sister cities, each of which are leaders in shaping the future of the world. Each Les Lunes element resonates with the strong fashion heritage of Paris, the motion and innovation of San Francisco, and the craftsmanship of the privately owned workshop in Shanghai. Linked by passion, drive, and responsibility, each culture works together to integrate and celebrate a world of differences.
The streets of Paris are the beating heart of timeless French elegance. The Les Lunes design atelier uses French style and craftsmanship techniques to ensure that the garments will fit the customer perfectly. The Atelier is located in the midst of this city’s vibrant energy where fashion has ruled for centuries, and it is there that Les Lunes design team creates authentically enduring elements that will weather passing trends. Realizing the goal of providing women with a versatile, classic wardrobe.
San Francisco is a city that defines the entrepreneurial spirit; it is the hot bed of sustainability and a blooming corporate etiquette that puts people first. Innovation, ethical commerce and balancing a healthy lifestyle are at the core of the San Francisco business community. In the heart of the city there is a dynamic network of stylish, professional women on the go. Les Lunes local customer research office invites these strong women to private consultations, this way each of the pieces are tailored to real women. By listening to their stories Les Lunes is better able to understand how to support them with Parisian Flair and Soft Essentials.
Responsibly made in China: Shanghai, also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is filled with hard working people looking to create a better life for themselves and their families. Les Lunes founder Anna Lecat worked in Shanghai for many years so it was only natural that when she discovered the soft supple cloth being made from the Bamboo groves in China that she would invest in an artisan workshop here. The Les Lunes French design team works closely in partnership with the seamstresses to ensure garments of high quality. Operating with the best Western practices in mind, Les Lunes seamstresses are paid a higher than average wage and encouraged to spend time with their families. The focus is on quality, and Les Lunes team believes that you get out what you put in.