Le Thrift  is an online website that specializes in resale, vintage, or designer and brand name clothing that is price conscious. Shopping her will give you the advantage of living fashionably without emptying your wallet.

We are always looking for designer and name brand fashion apparel from

• Established designers
• Emerging designers
• Consignment Stores
• Thrift Stores
• Vendors of Fashion Apparel
• Boutiques
• Online Vendors
• Individuals (12 item minimum)
• Charitable Thrift Stores or Boutiques

If you fit in one of the above categories and want to extend your sales reach, please contact consign@lethrift.com.

The Le Thrift Story!
The Story

Women! How many times have you said, "I have nothing to wear?"

In the past this sad lament might have been more complaint that actuality. In 2009 in the midst of recession many style conscious women face an increasingly difficult challenge of trying to look good without extending beyond their budgets.

Christine Sanderson, founder of LeThrift was no exception. She is a single mom who represented some of the best known fashion design names. Her job demanded she had to look chic when she called on her trendy boutique customers. She also had to clothe a rapidly growing daughter.

Yet, because Christine is a single mom her budget was stretched to the limit. Some months there wasn't enough to pay the bills, let alone add to her ward robe.

"What's a girl to do?" she lamented as she tried to find a solution to her challenge. She turned her background in fashion and design into survival of the chicest. She took her meager pocket book and her eye for fashion and searched thrift stores and consignment shops in order to find in style, but not-so-expensive wardrobe items and accessories.

One day she received a phone call from a friend and business colleague and asked Christine if she could help her out at a $2,000 a ticket charity event. After Christine said yes, she realized she really had NOTHING TO WEAR. She knew from experience that the females at the upscale event would be dressed in the newest, trendiest, clothes. To make a long story short Christine arrived on the scene looking magnificent. She received compliments' on her ensemble. When she was asked where she shopped, she winked and responded by smiling and saying, "Oh I just find these things at some little shops I discovered..."

It was a short time after that event it occurred to Christine that there were countless working women in her situation.

Christine asked herself, "Why not offer a high end consignment and thrift store online?" This would be a great way to help women on a budget look like a million dollars. Also, a wonderful way to help the environment, by purchasing gently used items and make it a lifestyle choice.

The result is the concept behind LeThrift. Christine used her skills as a professional artist, designer and fashion representative to help build an idea that can help make women on a budget still find accessories and apparel for them and their children that make a statement of style.

The idea was tested through professional contacts and friends. All of them thought this was a unique online business.

Join the women who are finding a way for them and their families to look great without breaking the bank; shop Le Thrift, to find simply the best new, vintage and resale fashion items.

Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

If you would like to consign your goods with LeThrift please contact Christine at consign@lethrift.com or if you have questions about Le Thrift please contact christines@lethrift.com..