Let’s Strategize is a leading Business Consulting and Cloud Computing services company providing a unique combination of business acumen and technology expertise.
Let’s Strategize does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that every industry has different processes, technology, and data management challenges. Our consultants come from a number of different industries and have both a thorough understanding of those challenges as well as the skills to address them. skills to address them.

Collaborative Business Consulting
With our experience, best practices and uncommon approach to client collaboration we assist clients with translating business strategies into actionable plans. A successful project should always start with a solid foundation of business processes.

>> Gain efficiencies and maximize associate effectiveness.
>> Facilitate effective human change management.
>> Implement the right user-friendly solutions for the right reasons.
>> Recycle KnowledgeTM, and measure success.

Cloud Computing & Mobile Applications
Implementing the right solution can instantly provide a competitive and sustainable advantage. We have extensive experience in designing and developing complex large-scale enterprise and mobile applications.

>> Implement, enhance, or increase user adoption for Salesforce CRM, SFA, Content, Chatter and Business Intelligence solutions.

>> Customize Force.com platform, Sites, Salesforce Portals and Ideas, custom cloud Enterprise Applications and Mobile Applications.

Salesforce Application Development
Utilize Let’s Strategize’s technical know how to develop a custom cloud application to fit your unique business needs. Let’s Strategize can design, develop and implement an application that provides strategic value, tangible benefits, and is easy to learn and use.
Custom Cloud Development

>> Cloud Platforms Let’s Strategize offers services on a variety of cloud platforms including Force.com, Adobe, Google, and Amazon Web Services.

>> Mobile Platforms Customize Mobile Applications across several platforms, including Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Trade Promotion Management