Who We Are

Firstly, we are customers for the products we offer. Over the last two decades, we borrowed ourselves a variety of loans viz., personal loans, home loans, car loans, mortgage loans etc from a range of banks and non-banks. We use credit cards. We have savings accounts and current accounts. We experienced the process ourselves.

Secondly, all through our careers, we worked in a variety banks and non-banks. We worked ourselves up in different banking products and functions viz., loans, retail banking, wholesale banking and IT. During the course of our long professional careers,

we have been with customers and served them. The one thing all the wonderful organizations we worked for believed is "customer service". Because, we practiced this belief diligently, we have become an extended family to most of the customers we dealt with. They share their joy and pain with us, because we have always built relationships with them and they believed, they have prospered from our relationships.

Yet! We weren't satisfied with what we have done to our customers. We merged technology with service.

Letzbank practically founded itself, with the sole motive of expanding its Core Belief "Customer Service" to "Customer Experience", by adding Transparency and Convenience.

What We Do

We created a platform, where banks and non-banks display their products for our customers to evaluate, check eligibility and apply online for loans. We don’t charge our customers for our online loan services.

At Letzbank, our team comprises of experienced and dedicated professionals from Banking, Finance, Products, Sales & Marketing, IT, etc fields, who work behind the scenes to help customers find the best deals.. Our team of adroitly talented professionals work with all devotion and passion to keep the data up-to-date and more importantly data that is relevant and useful for the customers. We constantly scrutinize, revamp and renew the data from time-to-time so that our customers can find what they require - that is the best loan deal.