With the development of TFT/LCD technology, now more and more product is trend to apply a colorful TFT panel instead of old fashioned monochrome panel. In order to make the image smoothly displayed on the TFT panel , or to add some vivid effect such as rotation, sub-menu pop-up, even GIF animation, MCU need to do lots work and software developers takes weeks even months to realize the effect and debug. At this time, the TFT controller can play a very important role here, to release the MCU burden, and reduce software developers boring work.

Levetop is an uprising fabless IC design company derived from the market trend, with its main product : TFT LCD graphics acceleration display controller and serial TFT panel solution. LeveTop is a professional IC research and development company with independent intellectual property rights, with a strong R&D team, marketing team and FAE team. Now LeveTop Semiconductor is a technology leader in TFT LCD Controller field in China.

With its headquarter located in Dongguan, Guangdong , Levetop has R&D office and division in Xinzhu, Taiwan, Xi’an and Suzhou, sales office loacated in Xixiang, Bao'an District. Dongguan office is located in the beautiful Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park. Levetop worship the enterprise spirit of "Honest, Diligent, and Responsibility", and initiate the operating idea with integrity and win-win to build fine enterprise environment.

Below is the brief list of Levetop product in summary for your quickly rough view and understanding.

TFT graphic controller
LT7381     1024*768         32Mb     8/16/SPI/I2C
LT7680B     480*320         64Mb     SPI/I2C    
LT7680A     800*600         64Mb     SPI/I2C    
LT7680+     1280*1024         128Mb     SPI/I2C    
LT7681     640*480         128Mb     8/16/SPI/I2C    
LT7683+     1024*768         128Mb     8/16/SPI/I2C    
LT7686     1280*1024     128Mb     8/16/SPI/I2C    

And here is the detail description about Levetop star product LT768x family.

LT7681, LT7683+ and LT7686 are a series of high efficiency LCD Graphics Acceleration Display Controllers.

Support 8/16-bits MCU parallel interfaces, and SPI, I2C serial interfaces
Built-in geometric Drawing Engine: provide Point Drawing, Line Drawing, Curve Drawing, Ellipse, Triangle, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle Drawing
Built-in 2D Graphics Processing Unit: provide Magic Rotation, Reflect, PIP (Picture in Picture), Hybrid Graphics and Transparent Display
Built-in 128Mbit Display Memory
Support 16/18bits RGB type TFT Panel from 320*240 to 1280*1024
Built-in Standard ISO/IEC 8859 Fonts
Built-in Two 16-bits PWM Timer
Support SPI and I2C Master Interface
Three Power Saving Modes: Standby,Suspend and Sleep mode
Built-in programmable PLL; provide LCD Scan, Display Memory and Internal System Clock
Working Voltage: 3.0V~3.6V
Package: 128pin LQFP

The powerful performance of LT768x are suitable for embedded systems with TFT-LCD display, such as home appliances, industrial control, electronic instruments, medical equipment, man-machine interface, industrial equipment, testing equipment, charging pile, multiple functional transaction machine, elevator instruction and check-in gate instruction.

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