Every man is different. Every shaving experience is unique. Why not find the perfect shaving blade, soap or brush that complements the structure of your face? Men all over are reconnecting with the age-old tradition of wet shaving that once flourished in barbershops around the country. Couple tradition with new age technology and you will find the products that Lexor Edge carries (such as straight razors, multi-blade razors, foams, bristle brushes and after-shaves) embrace both technology and tradition.

We look at shaving as an art form - a ritual that passes from father to son. Our disposable culture manufactures products that take away from this age-old ritual. At Lexor Edge we want to make sure that tradition never dies and the few bonding moments that fathers have with their sons last forever. At LexorEdge.com we believe that to maintain tradition without sacrificing quality you have to provide top quality blades, soaps and brushes as well as a commitment to the promotion and preservation of wet shaving.

Lexor Edge offers a better shaving experience, a since of style and the preservation of a lost art. What other reasons would you need to step into the world of wet shaving? At LexorEdge.com we carry only the best-of-the-best in men's shaving products. Our quality selection of razors, blades, soaps, brushes, mugs, after-shaves, hones, strops and all of the other men's grooming accessories is one of the most comprehensive you will find anywhere. We work with our vendors to make sure we carry the products that our customers want. Name brands such as Dovo, Baxter of California, Edwin Jagger and Muhle all have made their mark in the wet shaving world. Lexor Edge is proud to carry them all.

If you are new to the wet shaving world, terms and products such as hones and stropping can be very intimidating. Don't fear, the staff at Lexor Edge is here to help. We can answer any kind of question you may have concerning straight razors, double edge razors, strop pastes, soaps, creams, after-shaves, colognes, brushes, prep and treatments or whatever! Feel free to contact us. We will get you an answer right away.

Balance our shaving products with our knowledgeable wet shaving staff and it is no wonder why Lexor Edge is a leader in the fine art of shaving. We have everything you need to get a close, clean, comfortable shave!

If you are tired of poor performance of wet shaving with disposable blades and mass produced gels and soaps then it is time to step to the edge - The Lexor Edge.