With the approval of Balboa Press (Division of Hay House)  publishing  another collection of stories of the LGBT Near Death Experiences, this second book
will be called Crossing Over and Coming Home: LGBT Near Death Experiences.
  In this second book, Crossing Over and Coming Home: LGBT Near Death Experiences, the author is seeking more  LGBT NDE stories. These accounts along with the  original stories will explore the complex and life altering world of the LGBT NDE. Information about how to contact Liz Dale, PhD who is working on this new project is  by email (Lizsanpablo@aol.com) or by writing Liz Dale at P.O Box 153  Pinole, CA 94564 or website: www.lizdale.com. Please send in your LGBT stories in order to be considered for inclusion in this second book.
   Many people are interested in finding out about similarities and differences between groups of people who have had NDEs including the gay and non-gay NDEs. For those interested in the non-Gay NDE, please go to www.lizdale.com (page 5) and enter your story of having had an NDE. This second study of, these groups of LGBT and non-gay NDEs is being followed at the website and publication is being supported by  IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies). All proceeds aside from covering expenses will be donated to IANDS for their on going work in the field of NDE research.