Community: Our goal is to build a community of quality hermit crab care sites that can be relied upon for accurate and current care practices. The Crustacean C.A.R.E. Coalition program brings hermit crab care websites under the umbrella of LHCOS. The Local Representatives and Junior Local Representatives programs add a local focus to our program.

Awareness/Activism: Our goal is to raise awareness about safe practices. The Say No to Painted Shells campaign is one example. In 2016, LHCOS/CSJ became the first hermit crab care exhibitor at a national pet expo. With a crowd of 25,000 people we brought our message to the public in a big way.

Research: Our goal is to continue to use existing research on the Coenobita species to further our knowledge and improve our care practices. We reach out to researchers, biologists and students to gain access to valuable data.

Education: Our goal is to provide accurate and current information to the public free of charge so they have the information they need to properly care for their pet land hermit crabs. We accomplish this through online articles, caresheets, informative videos, sharing information on our forums as well as working with pet stores to improve their conditions.