What is Appraiser’s Mutual?
Appraiser’s Mutual was founded to bring together independent Loan Originators and independent Fee-Appraisers to provide residential valuation services for the purpose of mortgage finance transactions.  Appraiser’s Mutual has pooled resources to make available an Automated Valuation Model for loan officers to use as a tool to determine if their clients property has the adequate value needed to further continue the application, and determine if an appraisal is warranted. The reports are generated at their website www.appraisersmutual.com and cost only $24.95 each. For example, if there is a credit check being ordered, why not also run a property valuation model request in the early stages of the loan process. This can save loan officers a lot of time, and determine if the process should be continued.

Who We Are
Appraiser’s Mutual is a nationwide network of appraisers who have made the commitment to provide timely and accurate appraisals. By using a network of fairly compensated appraisers we provide professionals who are highly motivated and eager to increase their client base.
How it Works

Loan officers log on at www.appraisersmutual.com and request a valuation report for borrower’s property. The report will state sales history, property characteristics, and similar property sales in the area. A determination is made if an appraisal should be ordered. If an appraisal is needed the loan officer can order an appraisal. Appraiser’s Mutual receives the client request. The request is forwarded to a qualified appraiser. The inspection appointments are made, and lender notified.  Inspections are completed. Payment can be COD, MasterCard, Visa, or invoiced to qualified lenders. The appraisal is e-mailed in PDF format to the lender within 24 hours from inspection. The appraiser keeps 80-90% of the fee. That’s it.  

How Much? Ordering an Appraisal
Our fees are the same as the other guys. Some locations may command higher fees. Our policy is to not charge any more than the prevailing rate. Some remote areas may require a travel fee. We require our appraisers to maintain fees that are typical for their area.

Homeowners and Buyers
At www.appraisersmutual.com a report can be generated to help determine if the asking price for a particular property is within the range of recent market activity.
This is a valuable tool that can potentially save a buyer or a seller thousands of dollars. The reports are strictly confidential, and there are no sales calls or third party involved. The reports can be view as many times as needed by simply logging back on to the website.