The website is called Liberty’s Research because she is currently researching what kind of a company she wants to start when she graduates in late 2009. Liberty’s website (www.libertysresearch.com) gives a brief bio, some of her professional and volunteer experiences, writing samples, her interests, and contact information.

Liberty is optimistic that her website (www.libertysresearch.com) will become a hit as the recession pushes companies and non-profit organizations of various sizes to seek creative solutions in their upcoming projects.  Burned out after spending the last 4 years directly in sales, Liberty Johnson, a 29 year old student seeks opportunities where she can teach groups, gain experiences (that she might not get working in a traditional job), and projects that she can work on at home from her computer.

When Liberty was just 15 years old, she became one of the youngest on-air volunteers at the local public radio station (KRBD-FM) in Ketchikan, Alaska. She entertained loyal local public radio listeners with her young and innocent on-air persona, and music formats that included the latest country and pop music back in the mid-late 90’s. While hosting the Tuesday night country show, she gained listeners that normally would not listen to Country music by playing various styles of the genre. Liberty started her own Saturday night show appropriately called “The Liberty Show” in her Junior year and played various types of popular music. She worked hard in addition to her on-air time by volunteering during fund-raisers and other functions. This earned her both Rookie of the Year and Volunteer of Year.

Instead of attending her Senior Prom, Liberty participated with her dad in one of the Lion’s Club yearly fundraisers at the commercial AM radio station reading advertisements for local businesses. Every year, the local radio station would donate a large segment of time and businesses would donate money in exchange for being promoted on-air. Before her radio days, she was a Girl Scout Leader to a group of girls who had just made the Junior level as 4th graders. She had been co-leading that particular troop for 3 years prior while in Junior High.

She is open to different opportunities that may be presented through her website (www.libertyressearch.com).  Organizations’ seeking to use her services don’t necessarily have to be in the Seattle area as she is willing to work with companies and organizations in other parts of the country.