In 1998, Monetary Architect Bernard von NotHaus created the Liberty Dollar, a currency that was 100% backed by 999 fine silver. It was the most stable currency available, and now it's back!

The Liberty Dollar Network is proud to continue his vision by bringing Liberty Dollars back and once again offering a stable currency, by re-launching Liberty Dollars and Electronic Liberty Dollars (eLD), Negotiable Silver Certificates as originally issued by Liberty Services.

Liberty Dollars are just as viable today as it was back then. Because they are always backed up by the inherent value of the silver that secures them, it's essentially impossible for them to ever lose their purchasing power. With the ease and convenience of our apps, soon to be available for Android and IOS, you can trade with absolutely anyone who understands how great it is to have the stability of silver. You can redeem your silver at any time, in the form of bullion rounds from the most reliable source there is: Sunshine Minting.