Quality assurance

We believe that if we should take up client assignments only if we can deliver quality. We have, in many cases, not taken up assignments because the potential clients were willing to pay so little that we could not provide the quality that we would be happy with, regardless of what the client would be happy with. We have also refused to bid for projects whenever we felt that we did not have the capabilities to deliver or to deliver on time.

Organisational culture

Libra Techno is an equal-opportunity employer, in which people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds work together as one.
We work informally, as a flat organisation in which every  member of the staff has a right to an opinion that may turn out to be more correct than that of the managing director, and in which compartments dissolve into project teams.


We believe in pushing the envelope in everything we do. We aim to be one of the biggest companies in the world in each of our areas of operation. The only limits we acknowledge are ethics and legality.

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Libra Techno
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Kolkata-700033, West Bengal, India.
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