Lice Control In-Home Lice Removal Service

Let Lice Control come to you! Fast, easy and discreet, Lice Control will rid your family of lice in the comfort of your own home.

   * In-Home head lice removal 7 days a week
   * Convenient in-home lice treatment on your schedule
   * Trained lice treatment specialists will quickly assess and treat your family
   * We help your family get rid of lice - 100% guaranteed
   * Save time and money with our affordable lice removal service
   * Home lice removal and prevention education and tips
   * Exclusive Northern California operator/distributor of the LouseBuster™ device

The LouseBuster™ Head Lice Removal Advantage

Lice Control is proud to be the Northern California exclusive licensed distributor and service provider of the new LouseBuster™ medical device. The LouseBuster™ device provides a revolutionary new way to kill head lice without using pesticides or other chemicals and is 100% FDA cleared. Clinical studies have shown that the device, which uses only controlled heated air delivered by certified operators, provides a very safe, fast and highly effective way to kill all stages of head lice – including lice eggs!

   * No Pesticides. No Chemicals.
   * Only controlled heated air
   * Kills head lice and their eggs!
   * On average > 99% of eggs are dead after treatment by experienced users
   * Single 30-minute dry treatment on children 4 years of age and older
   * No water, shampoos, or sinks needed, just a power outlet and a 68F (20C) environment.
   * Kid-friendly
   * Clinically tested – early data published in peer-reviewed journal
   * A disposable applicator tip is used for each treatment"
   * FDA cleared

Lice Control School Screening and Management Program

Lice Control is proud to serve our school partners in managing student lice screening and removal. We take pride in playing a part in keeping students in class, where they belong. For more information on how Lice Control can help your school keep lice out of the classroom, contact us at (510) 727-1280 in Northern California and (949) 764-1700 in Southern California.