Gotcha Covered children's daily use hair care products for Lice Prevention.  Stop Head Lice Before it Starts...  

Gotcha Covered lice prevention products, with multi-lingual packaging (English, Spanish, French), are laboratory tested, pediatrician approved, paraben-free and sodium laureth sulfate-free - all things moms look for.  Our products contain natural ingredients proven to repel lice while promoting healthy hair and scalp.  

The Gotcha Covered line consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Detangler, Styling Gel, and Shield Spray (all-purpose, all-surface spray).

Gotcha Covered children’s hair care products serve to repel and help prevent the infestation of lice and other insects.  

Gotcha Covered™  breakthrough formulas contain many natural ingredients that not only repel lice, but are so mild they can be used daily while providing health
benefits to the hair and scalp of children. Prevent unnecessary use of treatments containing pesticides.

Natural lice prevention instead of harsh treatments!