You have lice.  
Now what?
3 things you should do immediately

Don’t panic
head lice are not dangerous or known to spread disease, they are just a nuisance - a big nuisance, but not dangerous!  And head lice are extremely common - the second most common communicable disease among school-aged children after the common cold.  Lice just happen, and they happen a lot.  
Separate the infected person & their belongings
until you can determine whether other members of the home are also infested.  Lice can ONLY be transmitted through direct head-to-hair contact with an infected person (BTW, your pets cannot get or give lice), or their belongings such as hats, helmets, hair brushes, pillows/headrests etc.  However, lice can only live away from a host food source (blood) for 48 hours.    
Call us for a no-obligation phone consultation
We’ll assess your situation and  provide information on the next best steps, which may or may not include scheduling a treatment.  Not all situations require us to come to your home or to provide treatment.  After talking to us you may even decided to handle it yourself.  We will take as long as you need on the phone to address ALL your concerns and questions.   916-479-0195