Lice Treatment Center® offers a comprehensive system of lice treatment and prevention products and services to individuals, camps, schools, and other recreational venues where head lice commonly spread.

Our company is the only lice-removal business in the nation that offers four tiers of services:

• An effective head lice treatment system that includes in-home or on-site lice removal visits;
• A complete line of pediatrician-developed, all-natural, head lice-removal and prevention products;
• A Lice Insurance™ screening program for schools and camps;
• Lice removal training and certification.

LTC has locations from coast to coast. Our certified LTC-trained technicians travel to homes, schools, and camps to diagnose and treat head lice on-site. Through our Lice Insurance™ programs, quarterly head-lice checks are offered to ensure that schools and camps remain lice-free. Our School and Camp Lice Insurance™ programs have a great success rate to date with all sites currently under annual contracts.

We have successfully treated more than 30,000 clients in the past decade.

Our all-natural products are available online and in selected pharmacies and salons throughout the United States. To view or order Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC products online, go to www.licetreatmentcenter.com.