SuZen, MSW is Owner of The Life Coaching Center, Feng Shui By Design, Seminars To Go and Raven Heart Spiritual Retreats.
The Life Coaching Center is an Alliance of Holistic Health Care Professionals. Co-creating  in assisting the education of Alternative/Complementary Therapies. Our intention is to personally empower our clients through knowledge and awareness on all levels of human consciousness.  We are a holistic / wellness center located in Somerville, NJ USA
Having been trained in various complementary care modalities, and studying with people around the world, SuZen is able to assist others on their path of healing without drugs, using methods that allow the body to heal itself.  SuZen's rich experiences offer her clients and students philosophies and therapies, that give back power to the individual.  SuZen has trained or worked with the Dali Lama, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Deepak Chopra, Richard Bandler, Louise Hay, John LaValle, Dan Milman, Steward Wilde, Wayne Dwyer, Shacti Gwaine, and many others.
For more info about this business go to www.lifecoachingctr.org