Life Long Dreams is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to providing performing and creative arts programs that embrace individuals with special needs.

Since it's inception in 2008, Life Long Dreams has made huge strides in bridging the gap between the disabled community and the arts/entertainment industry, creating new opportunities for individuals with special needs and opening doors that have never before been opened, The nonprofits' performing and creative arts program embraces individuals with special needs who are often overlooked, and inspires them to realize their artistic potential.  By fully cultivating each student's talents, Life Long Dreams creates the foundation for these special needs individuals to develop self-esteem and social skills. Local entertainers play an integral role in their growth as well, helping students discover hidden talents and develop their artistic abilities.  And, through specialized training in music, dance, drama, art, theater and production, students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents at various functions and public events.


LLD PERFORMING AND CREATIVE ARTS  --  A program consisting of music, dance, drama and stage production classes, taught by experienced professionals in the arts and entertainment industry.  Our broad curriculum exposes students to all aspects of the performing and creative arts, widens their range of experiences and provides each student the opportunity to discover the "star" within.  New this year, we are excited to offer the "Little Dreamers" program tailored for our younger students.

LLD MY HEARTS’ ART  --  This program encourages graduates of our creative arts program to move forward as artists by promoting their art at live concerts, public galleries and other community events.  These students are considered professional artists because they are paid when their works of art are sold.  Currently we have our own Life Long Dreams studio/gallery where these fine artists showcase and sell their beautiful works of art.

LLD STARLITE/STARBRITE  --  This program unites Starbrites (special needs students) with Starlites (who serve as mentors).  Working together unites and serves the greater needs of our community by creating awareness about people with special abilities.  Participating in various creative projects together affords both Starlites and Starbrites the opportunities to improve interpersonal skills, develop their artistic skills and build lifelong friendships.

LLD BIG STARZ/LITTLE STARZ  --  A program providing LLD students with inspiration to reach for the stars, while developing the skills needed to help them achieve their lifelong dreams.  Thanks to the generosity and support of local professional entertainers (Big Starz), this exciting program offers Little Starz (LLD students) continuing opportunities to interface with Big Stars, who act as mentors in offering insight into the entertainment world.

LLD RISING STARZ TOURING TROUPE  --  The Rising Starz Touring Troupe provides exposure and work experience for students of LLD.  The performers inspire, educate and create public awareness about the talents of individuals with disabilities.  The sense of accomplishment and confidence gained by students participating in the program is truly remarkable and serves to inspire special needs artists everywhere.